• The Durham

    We took a traditional design and worked to improve on what we thought it was suppose to sound and feel like.  Cleaner tones on this beauty is the goal, mission accomplished.

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  • Custom Hollow

    Currently Unavailable

    Our signature model is undergoing a few minor upgrades. Be on the lookout for a new, and improved design!

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  • The Bird

    Familiar body shape of a classic design

    Improved comfort, balance and spectacular tone; these are the traits of the Gadow Bird!

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  • Custom Basses

    We didn't want to build a bass for the sake of building a bass

    We set out to build a great bass! Keeping with the Gadow vision we took traditional elements and design and then worked in what we felt were improvements.

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  • Pickups

    US made handwound pickups by Ryan Gadow.

    A great selection to choose from and these pickups will not disappoint. Humbuckers, P90's, single coils. Check them out!

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Welcome to Gadow Guitars

Taking music back...One guitar at a time!

Great American music has always been a grass roots phenomenon. It’s about jam sessions held in garages, basements, smoky roadhouses and country churches.
It’s raw, authentic, honest and real. At Gadow, that’s what we respect. And that’s why we do what we do.

Ryan Gadow
President & Chief Luthier
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