Gadow Monterey Available Now!
Gadow's New Monterey GuitarGadow proudly introduces our newest guitar: The Monterey. We decided to call this the Monterey in tribute to the sixties Monterey music scene – the unique tone, the focus on guitars (especially when on fire), and generally the beauty and unique feel of the central California coast.  Dealer's are taking orders now.

We started with your choice of swamp ash or alder body. By default, Lindy Fralin “Blues Special” pickups provide the hottest,cleanest sound.  If Lollar Vintage pickups are more your style, we offer them as a no-cost option.

Gadow 2.0
Welcome to Gadow's website 2.0!  We've had this in the works for several months now, and are excited to present new forms of content, imags, and sounds.  We believe a website should be both compelling and informative, without being distracting.

This new format allows us to provide exciting new ways to provide you with the information you need when learning about, selecting, and ultimately playing your Gadow Guitars.  Look for content to show up regularly.

As with our instruments, Gadow Guitars is always looking for new ways to help you enjoy our products.  Also, Be sure to check out our new merchandise section in order to buy Gadow Goodies.
Let us know what you would like to see in our forums.

As always, thanks for your support!